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Group Therapy

Is it easier to feel understood by people who share similar experiences and challenges?


Are you intrigued to understand how you connect with others and shed a new light on your self?

Are you interested in a therapeutic journey with others?

Group therapy offer psychological therapy to adults organized in specific topics:

Adjusting to a new culture

Positive Parenting



The groups include 5 - 8 adults and they take place on a weekly basis with a 90 min appointment.

The groups can be in-person or online.


If you are interested in one of the groups, please contact us to ask for availability. 


If you want to book an introductory appointment to discuss the groups, go to Book Online.

The first introductory appointment is free of charge.

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Adjusting to a New Culture

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Moving to a new country is a thrilling and challenging experience. New places, new people, new job, new routines, and definitely a new culture. Every culture has unique cultural norms, traditions, ways of communication, and beliefs. It has its unique way of living. Sometimes, this way is different from our way and we may feel isolated and out of place.


Understanding and adjusting to a new culture is a complicated process that can cause feelings of stress, insecurity, confusion, anger, or loneliness. In this group, we focus on the challenges, fears, and emotions we experience in a new culture as well as the tools and strategies we can develop to adjust and integrate. 

Positive Parenting

Being a parent is a journey, a challenge, a gift. 

We all want to do our best, raise our children to be happy and have a good life. We give them love, attention, help, advise, support and try to teach them how the world works and how to succeed. 

An important part we often forget is to understand our own and our children's strengths. Positive psychology focuses on character strengths: our traits that gives us energy, authenticity, and help us build a good life.


This group focuses on understanding and cultivating our own strengths and our children's strengths to help our children flourish.

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Feeling extremely stressed, anxious, drained, and tired with your job is a common phenomenon. The society we live in often has very high expectations and demands from us to perform, succeed, and endure in a fast-paced and demanding work environment.

Millions of people experience overwhelming stress from their job that affects every aspect of their life. In this group, we will come together to share and support each other during this challenging time.


Understanding ourselves is a thrilling journey. Gestalt therapy argues that gaining awareness is key to psychological well-being. By shedding light on and accepting all the parts of ourselves we will become who we really are and heal.

Working with the principles of gestalt therapy, we will focus on the awareness of our emotions, thoughts, patterns, beliefs as we experience them in the here and now with all our senses.

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